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He softly kisses my bottom lip exploring igniting a fire deep within... He runs his nose along my jaw and my heart starts pounding in anticipation...

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kiss, lip, rope, pounding, heart, anticipation, writhe, sharply, breathe, face, restrain, exploring, wall, inhale, hip, lancing, nose, pushe, frantic, quaking, leaf, igniting, air, fire, leon, imagine, hand, run, bottom, holding, im

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(50 Shades of Grey text was synthetically generated from an experiment by Lisa Wray and then re-processed by the starmine.ai GS1 algorithm - FAQ)

He runs his nose along my jaw, and my heart starts pounding in anticipation. His tongue invades my mouth, insistent. He softly kisses my bottom lip, exploring, igniting a fire deep within. I can hear a song by Kings of Leon drifting through the air. How appropriate. One of his hands moves into my hair, holding me gently in place as we kiss. 'Face the wall,' he breathes, anticipation and anxiety charging through me and my insides liquefying. That rope! We've never used rope before. I'm quaking like a leaf. I can't imagine how he wants to use that. 'You. Are. So. Sweet,' he murmurs, pinning me with his bold gaze. Without warning, he pushes me against the desk. He restrains me with his hips, and I inhale sharply. He plants a soft wet kiss on my lips, frantic, making me writhe, pleasure lancing directly to my groin. My heart is pounding.


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